Hope and Mirrors: Stimulus 'Saved' Cops To Be Fired Anyway

On March 6, Obama’s mouthpiece, Robert Gibbs, happily told the nation that the Obama “stimulus” plan had saved the jobs of 25 Cops in Columbus, Ohio. This was an example, Gibbs trumpeted, of how Obama’s supposed stimulus package was “working” to set the country to rights. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder even took a road trip to Columbus to proudly see these “saved” cops being sworn in as police officers.

It was back slaps and grins all around as Obama celebrated his successful “stimulus” program. That was less than two months ago. Today, those same 25 new policemen whose jobs were “saved” by the great father in Washington have been laid off over lack of funds.

Obama’s great hope and mirrors campaign strikes its false stance as savior again, proving that there was no “stimulus” in the stimulus plan and that it was a false front all along meant only to serve as a part of Obama’s permanent political campaign effort. In reality, there’s just no there, there.

Anyone that believes that government spending can “save” anything is the sucker every con man is waiting for. This is further proof of the un-sustainability of an ever increasing government. And what will we see from this? Will we see government trim its budget, tighten its spending? Certainly not. We will see government require more money from tax payers instead of expecting of itself a renewed effort to live within its means. And those calls have already been issued.

Columbus Police Chief Walter Distelzweig is already reminding everyone that tax increases are being sought by the city.

He stressed the cuts are not final, and city voters are being asked to approve an income tax hike in August. The half-percent increase, if passed, could avoid the firings and furloughs. Distelzweig said the announced cuts are not meant to be a threat to voters. “It’s math — whatever money is available,” he said.

Not meant to threaten voters? Yeah, right.

So, Obama’s feels-good “stimulus” plan was a pointless waste of money because it solved no problem but merely acted as a bandaid over the gaping wound of wasteful government spending, a wound that returned to a fully festering sore once the temporary “stimulus” money ran out.

On the other hand, Obama got a national platform to pretend that his policy was a “success” and was handed one more opportunity to propagandize the public, a public that will likely never hear that these “saved” cops are out of a job but two months later, anyway.

Obama’s entire presidency thus far is little else but smoke and mirrors. Or, as I say, hope and mirrors.

(Photo credit: Mark Walz/CNN)