If you Don't Like Your Uncle Sammy... Get OUT!

1915 was about the last time America had the right idea about its immigrants and this song from that era is emblematic of that: assimilate or get lost. Don’t Bite the Hand That’s Feeding You, words by Thomas Hoier and music by Jimmie Morgan, first became popular in 1915 and expresses just that theme. This version was recorded on Edison Records by Walter Van Brunt aka Walter Scanlon.

The basic theme of the tune tells ungrateful immigrants that if they’ve come to hate the United States, their adopted home, then they can get the heck out and go back to the armpit nation from which they came. We don’t need them here.

Unfortunately, too many Americans are afraid to tell ungrateful whiners that want to complain about the U.S.A. to take a hike these days. It’s all about being afraid of immigrants, now. Well, I say we should play this song and takes its message to heart.

So, here it is Don’t Bite the Hand That’s Feeding You.

The sad thing is one of our national parties has built itself on refashioning its members as American ingrates. If this theme were to be applied every Democrat in the country would have to leave!