Obama Pays to Treat Alcoholism in Chinese Hookers

Chinese hookers have a drinking problem. Obama has the answer: U.S. Tax money. So it appears that the President of “change” seems to be The One that drunken Chinese prostitutes “have been waiting for.”

Our informative friends at CNSNews.com discovered that the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse (NIAA) has been awarded $2.6 million U.S. tax dollars to help train Chinese prostitutes to “drink responsibly on the job.” Yes, I said Chinese prostitutes… in China. One wonders if the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse missed the salient fact that they have the word National in their moniker? Or perhaps the NIAA just missed that the nation in their title is supposed to be our nation, not China’s?

I guess it’s heartwarming that the NIAA cares so deeply about China’s FSWs (that is university speak for whores — Female Sex Workers), and all, but what of American prostitutes? Are they unworthy of the attention of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse? Don’t our oh, so intellectual university pinheads care about our own home-grown drunken whores?

Guess not.

Naturally, these Ivory Tower illiterati have developed a nearly impenetrable lexicon to pretend as if they are doing something meaningful. Dr. Xiaoming Li, the lead pinhead leading this program at Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan told CNSNews that his work is “potentially of great importance” to someone or another.

“Previous studies in Asia and Africa and our own data from FSWs [female sex workers] in China suggest that the social norms and institutional policy within commercial sex venues as well as agents overseeing the FSWs (i.e., the ‘gatekeepers’, defined as persons who manage the establishments and/or sex workers) [we call those pimps in the real word – ed] are potentially of great importance in influencing alcohol use and sexual behavior among establishment-based FSWs,” says the NIH grant abstract submitted by Dr. Li.

Oh, that isn’t all. This monumentally important use of the taxpayer’s money in this time of recession will create a whole new world for those Chinese “FSWs.”

“Therefore, in this application, we propose to develop, implement, and evaluate a venue-based alcohol use and HIV risk reduction intervention focusing on both environmental and individual factors among venue-based FSWs in China,”

Wonderful. And it’s all sure to advance our interests because it’s “a community-based cluster randomized controlled trial,” you see.

Dr. Li is all concerned that alcohol plays an important part of spreading HIV infections in China and he apparently thinks our millions of dollars can make prostitution and sexual slavery in a China safer, more fun career choice. It’s all downright neighborly of him, isn’t it?

Of course, it doesn’t seem to dawn on this university halfwit that sex workers in China like to get drunk because they are treated like animals, does it? Maybe they get drunk to forget the horrible lives they lead? Maybe a better use of “science” is to convince folks that prostitution is not such a great idea, that it diminishes both the purveyor and the customer and casts women in the role of a commodity, an object worth little more than the momentary sexual release that she can facilitate?

But even more to the point, maybe if Chinese prostitutes need to be looked after, China should be doing it instead of the U.S. taxpayer? These prostitutes are Chinese citizens, after all!

Or did Obama become president of Chinese hookers, too? I mean, that could have happened. Let’s face it, Obama is finding all sorts of new and interesting powers in the penumbra of the Constitution, so I might have missed the announcement.


My mea culpa. I just plain missed the part in the story that said that the grant went out last November. No excuses. I just missed it. So, Obama is not responsible for this funding. Bush is. And regardless I am still against this idiotic program. (On the delay posting this update, I have not been able to get back to my computer due to other scheduling until this evening)