Noblesse Oblige? The One Wants His OWN Star Trek Showing

I suppose if I was the ruler of the free world, I’d want it too. I mean, if I controlled all I survey, if the nation bowed before me, if the illiterati gave an obedient chuckle at my every quip, yet paused thoughtfully at my pretensions at seriousness, if the world placed me on my rightful pedestal, I’d imagine that the producers of the hottest new movie premiering this month would be similarly overawed that I’d like to see their little film.

Certainly, were I the Übermensch-in-chief, I’d also imagine that these same film producers couldn’t possibly expect me to go to a public theater and be forced to sit with the “people” to see this flick, of course. I’d know that the film’s creators and stars would have the good sense not to expect me to have to sit among the sweaty, loud, unschooled masses, that great unwashed. These filmmakers are smart folks, after all I would know.

So, were I the king of the world, I too would give Paramount Pictures a call and demand that they set up a free, personal screening in my super cool movie house built especially for the president.

Of course, I’d have to jettison every ounce of self respect I have as well as fall to a nearly psychotic view of my own superiority to assume that the world should stop and cater to my every whim. I’d have to be completely unaware that my actions could easily be seen as one of arrogance, one that reveals a disregard for those I am supposed to be leading, one that ignores the concept of being a servant to the people.

With that in mind, what does one think when one reads Politico’s latest little report that reveals that President Barack Obama has called the Star Trek folks up asking for his own special, private screening of the franchise re-boot?

Of course, it all makes one wonder how one of Star Trek’s titular characters might view Obama’s demands? One might imagine that the self-centered assumptions of privilege would not be looked upon as anything other than a gross example of the human failing of arrogance born of a too healthy dose of self-esteem.

It’s all not very logical. No, not logical at all.