A Little Article in a Little Paper that is One Big Hit!

Elizabeth Sauls is a writer for the Beaufort Observer of Beaufort, North Carolina. It’s a little paper in a little town — area population around 50,000 — so it’s just the sort of town that New Yorkers or Chicagoans like to scoff at. But, Elizabeth Sauls wrote a piece that everyone should read.

Headlined, “Presidential Sleight of Hand Keeps Reporter Befuddled,” Sauls lays out with just the right amount of sarcasm, the lies, contradictions, misdirections, and un-American policies that Obama has haplessly stumbled into these last 100 days.

Presented as a letter to her “boss” Sauls is devastating in her critical attitude against all the lies of this president.

I’ll give you just a bit of flavor from the piece, but you really should go read it yourself.

I know I had promised the article you assigned this week but I have all but given up on writing it.

You see, I planned to write more about Obama’s search for housing for Guantanamo detainees. But, before I could get my computer booted up, Obama changed his mind and decided, rather than simply releasing them as he had said in his campaigning days, he would instead allow military tribunals for them and see how that goes. Ok, so I switched gears and started to write about that. He said one thing when campaigning; he does another when he gets to the White House.

The piece is also replete with numerous links to other stories so that you can find more information on the points that Sauls discusses in her hard hitting piece.

In any case Sauls’ piece is great, it is worth a read.

(edit to correct the state the paper is from)