Union Campaign To Destroy Grocery Chain

The United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW) has engaged in a guerrilla war to destroy Arizona based Bashas’ Food Stores and the grocer has about had it with the lies and underhanded attacks. So, this week Bashas sent out a mailer to the citizens of the metro Phoenix area to try to re-direct the PR war to a more equal footing.

The union has engaged a war to the hilt strategy against the grocer even to the extent of surreptitiously placing expired products on store shelves and then calling authorities as if it was the store chain itself allowing those expired items to stay on sale. The union has also filed dozens of harassing and false lawsuits as well as opening uncounted EEOC investigations attempting to force the business to acquiesce to union demands.

The food store chain owns 153 stores out of which only eight are unionized. These eight stores were unionized before the chain bought out those locations. Bashas’ workers in he 145 some other stores have consistently resisted union advances to join the union, as well.

Proving that what workers want is of no interest to unions, rejection by employees is not good enough for the UFCW, however. The food workers union has used every weapon at its disposal to tear down the food chain and force its own will on workers and business alike.