Palin Derangement Syndrome Engulfs Baltimore Sun's TV Guy

Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik should check into a clinic somewhere to have his delicate mental balance checked. Maybe they might have some nice medication he can take to temper his Palin Derangement Syndrome? His is so bad he can’t even write about a little reality TV show without indulging unnecessary vitriol and hate.

It’s interesting that critic Zurawik gets so filled with hate in such a short space. In fact, the tiny four paragraph “review” spends more time name calling and attacking Governor Palin than it does in discussing the TV show on which she is about to appear; TLC’s American Chopper.

Certainly professor Zurawik’s contribution to society is above reproach, of course. Long known to be the bastion of American intellectualism and culture, TV has always been considered one of our most important institutions. So, Zurawik’s work as a critic is sure to have the sort of cultural staying power as that of the great philosophers, I am sure. And his review of Palin’s appearance on American Chopper is sure to remain a standout example of the sort of tour de force work he’s long been known for.

Zurawik gives us no less than one slight on Palin’s social standing, one denigration of her addition to the McCain presidential ticket, one claim she is “divisive,” as well as a few name callings and the like. Zurawik calls Palin “a hot dog” and then implies that she is a low-class individual that is perfect for reality TV.

In fact, out of the four paragraphs of the review, only one of them actually talks about the show. The rest are merely an excuse to attack Palin on a personal level.

One would also be excused if after reading the acid tongued Zurawik’s account of the show that Palin is a central part of the episode. In truth, however, only one small part of the show features Palin as she was visited by the show’s main character, motorcycle builder Paul Teutul, Sr.

Teutul and his American Chopper TV crew were in Alaska to film the building of a motorcycle meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Alaska’s admittance to the union as the 49th state.

It is also interesting that Zurawik somehow missed the complimentary things that Teutul had to say about the Governor. It turns out that after the filming, Teutul said that Palin was “a real down to earth person to talk to.”

I guess nice things aren’t in the cards when PDS is raging, eh?