ACORN Excising Union Ties?

OK, why did the corruption plagued Association for Community Activists for Reform Now (ACORN) suddenly and quietly delete from its website its ties with the corruption plagued Service Employees International Union (SEIU)?

The American Spectator’s Matthew Vadum found the strange deletion of a photo showing SEIU president Andy Stern standing in support of ACORN from February of 2002. The ACORN site was also scrubbed of any mention of two SEIU locals that used to have a prominent place on the ACORN site.

The two SEIU locals, Local 880 and Local 100, have been a part of ACORN’s site for years, but as of this month were scrubbed. Speculation is that the unions don’t want ties to ACORN too well advertised as the unions fight to get the Employee Free Choice Act passed through Congress.

With all the many and varied legal troubles, embezzlement charges and convictions on voter fraud that the community organizer has been plagued with of late, it is thought that the unions want to distance themselves from ACORN to avoid that birds-of-a-feather sort of accusation that would be such a natural during this delicate political time for the unions.

But, regardless of the scrubbing, there is no denying that the SEIU has intimate and on-going ties to the corrupt ACORN organization. They can try to hide the proof and re-write history in Stalinesque fashion, but the truth is the truth.