Harry Reid's Arrogant Obama

Harry Reid made a mistake. I know that is over generalized so I’ll narrow it down to a specific mistake because there are far too many from which to choose. The mistake I am taking about is in the addendum to his book titled “The Good Fight,” ghost written by Mark Warren, that is about to come out in paperback.

Reid added a 15-page epilogue to the paperback version that confirms Obama’s arrogance. In it, Reid claims to have approached Obama after a speech on Bush’s war policies that Reid heard Obama give just after becoming the Junior Senator from Illinois. After congratulating Obama on the speech, Reid recounts that Obama replied, “I have a gift, Harry.”

Well, that wasn’t too self-congratulatory, too arrogant, what it now?

Reid says his wife told him not to add this story to the book because it confirms everyone’s impression that Obama is an arrogant little cuss. Reid didn’t listen.

Reid should have listened to his wife. She is obviously the smarter of the two.

Reid also indulged in a little historical revisionism by claiming he always just knew that Obama would make a great presidential candidate. Reid claims he urged Barack to run for president as far back as 2006. This is sort of like saying after the game was over that you always knew which team would win. Or maybe like going home empty handed from fishing but telling everyone you almost caught the biggest fish ever seen by man. Easy to say. Not so easy to prove.

Anyway, I doubt this book is worth wasting money on and it is interesting the publishers are even wasting the effort to issue a paperback version of Reid’s fish tales, but this little tidbit detailing Obama’s arrogance is pretty revealing.