AP Analysis: Good for Obama for Knocking Down Arrogant U.S.A.

The Associated Press has for years been good for inventing the news out of its own vivid imagination. But now, not only is the AP inventing news it is inventing an entire national self-image, then batting it down all in an effort to prop up the feckless foreign policy of its messiah Barrack Obama. Obama’s “The U.S. Sucks” tour isn’t over yet and the AP is loving it.

Did you know that everyone in the U.S. has a “deeply held belief” that this country “does not make mistakes in dealings with either friends or foes”? Well, neither did anyone else, but the Associated Press sure does. And what’s more the AP is praising Obama for “goring the ox” of this obviously “deeply held belief” in which we stupid Americans are prone to believe.

The AP begins its assessment of this wondrous new era in American foreign policy by saying that, “President Barack Obama has gone abroad and gored an ox–the deeply held belief that the United States does not make mistakes in dealings with either friends or foes.” And it ends by dolefully saying, “being right is not always politically healthy.” Of course, by that ending the AP is saying that those eeevil Republicans are setting themselves up to put the kybosh on Obama’s promising “the U.S. sucks” brand of foreign policy.

But since when did the United States ever believe that it “does not make mistakes” in dealing with foreign nations? In fact, quite the reverse is true. After all, each and every presidential campaign we’ve ever had where one opponent faces another, a whole litany of foreign policy mistakes is debated. Not only that, but foreign policy often takes a leading role during the midterm Congressional elections, too.

If we did not think we ever made a mistake in foreign policy, why is it such a heavily debated topic each and every national election?

The truth of the matter is that no one in the United States thinks we’ve never make a mistake. We all know we’ve made mistakes. The real issue is whether or not we think we should grovel at the feet of foreign dictators like Hugo Chavez over any mistakes real or perceived? It just so happens that a patriotic American sees no reason to supplicate ourselves as a nation at the feet of some foreign despot just to make America haters feel good about themselves. Sadly it seems that Obama does. And the AP agrees.

And then there is the penchant for the U.S. Old Media to lionize that old loser Gorbechev again.

While historic analogies are never perfect, Obama’s stark efforts to change the U.S. image abroad are reminiscent of the stunning realignments sought by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. During his short–by Soviet standards–tenure, he scrambled incessantly to shed the ideological entanglements that were leading the communist empire toward ruin.

It is such a canard that Gorby was a great leader that helped end the Cold War. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Gorby did not come on the world stage as a “reformer.” He came on the world stage as the last man in charge of one of the world’s most murderous and oppressive regimes just as it was taking its last gasp. He struggled to hold onto power and did everything he could to make it work, including pretending he was trying to reform the Soviet system. His “reforms” would have all been revealed as a sham — like all such Soviet claims were — if he’d have won his battle to keep the mass murdering U.S.S.R. alive as a political entity. He was not working for “reform.” He was working to keep a genocidal government alive.

Gorbachev is a fraud, plain and simple.

Yet, here we have an outlet from the American Old Media once again trotting out the failure that is Mikhail Gorbachev and pretending that he was a wonderful example of the perfect world leader.

The U.S. Media is as self-loathing as ever.

In any case, the AP goes on and on here about how wonderful it is that Obama is cruising the world telling anyone who will listen that we have been wrong about everything. Obama’s groveling is making the U.S. look feckless, weak and unsteady. But apparently the AP thinks that is a great thing.

Like most folks on the extreme left, the AP is thrilled that Obama is taking down that arrogant and evil U.S.A.