Unions Going After Wal-Mart Again

Most lefties claim that “no” means “no,” but not where it concerns unions that have lost the organizing argument over and over again. We can see that refusal to listen to the workers in the case of Unions vs. Wal-Mart. Repeatedly Wal-Mart workers have generally refused to unionize, yet instead of taking that as an answer, the unions continue to push. And they are at it again.

The United Food and Commercial Workers is stepping up its efforts to organize Wal-Mart workers yet again.

Since February, about 60 UFCW organizers have been dispatched to more than 100 Wal-Mart stores in 15 states to get workers to sign union-authorization cards. The cards are attached to flyers that feature a photograph of President Barack Obama and a quote from a 2007 speech he gave to UFCW activists in Chicago. “I don’t mind standing up for workers and letting Wal-Mart know they need to pay a decent wage and let folks organize,” Mr. Obama said in 2007. A White House spokesman said Thursday that the president stands by the statement.

The union is also flying several pro-union Wal-Mart employees to Washington to agitate before members of Congress to force the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) on the country.

But here is a telling statistic:

At a Duncanville, Texas, Wal-Mart, the union has signed up 58 employees, representing a little more than 10% of the store’s 500 employees.

This is a common union result at Wal-Marts all across the country. The unions just can’t get traction and that is why they want the iron boot heel of Congress to force the matter with the EFCA.

Like I said above, to unions “no” does not mean “no.” The unions don’t care what workers want. They want to win by force of law.