My Coverage of the Chicago Tea Party

I attended the Chicago tea party protest yesterday and have produced some video highlights and a bunch of still photos of the event.

This is the one organized by Eric Odom of taxdayteaparty.com.

The weather was pretty good if not a tad windy. There were few protesters that stood against the patriots that attended. It was said that some ACORN members were there, but I did not see them.

The crowd was orderly but still righteously mad at the Obama administration. The state of Illinois came in for some particular vitriol, of course, as is well and proper.

The Chicago Police estimated that 5,000 attended and I think they were pretty close to the truth on that estimate. I have some experience with being in charge of groups that have numbered into the thousands and I estimated that at least 4,000 were there myself. So a count of 5,000 sounds about right.

Let’s hope this isn’t the last time patriots will be interested enough to come together to protest our out-of-control government.