McClatchy Headline: 'Those Crazy Palins'

**Update: McClatchy Changes Headline**

OK, before we even get into the latest banal attack on Governor Palin’s extended family perpetrated by the McClatchy newspaper chain, I would like to ask a few questions about “Those crazy Palins: Todd’s half sister indicted in break-ins.”

Has McClatchy ever had any headlines like this: “Those Crazy Kennedys”? After all, there is a wealth of craziness with that demented clan. Or since we recently had Obama’s half brother denied a visa to England over his rape charges — not to mention his illegal immigrant aunt — how about a headline like this: “Those Crazy Obamas”? Did we ever see a headline about “Those Crazy Clintons” when we discovered all the financial misdeeds and drug busts of Hillary and Bill’s extended family? How about Carter? Did good ol’ Billy Carter ever cause McClatchy to say “Those Crazy Carters”?

Or, as is more likely the case, did we see the errors of family members in the above clans from pols of the Democratic Party treated in matter-of-fact ways so as not to cause direct derision, so that a certain vague amount of respect was maintained?

But, not so with Governor Palin’s family. Nope, for the Old Media, it is open season to ridicule her as much as possible. And just before the 2010 midterm elections, too! Imagine that?

So, I wonder if McClatchy thought it was all “crazy” and stuff when a certain Senator drove off a bridge with his gal pal in the car with him? Wasn’t that “crazy” enough for McClatchy?

Or is this attack only on the family of Republicans part of McClatchy’s “speaking truth to power” conceit?

Oh, and as to the story itself, I can only say is… mehh.

**Update: McClatchy Changes Headline**

At 9AM, McClatchy changed its headline to drop the “Crazy Palins” bit from it. Here is a screenshot of a Google search to show that a search of the original headline still refers back to the McClatchy story discussed here.

And here is a screen shot of a Google cached image on the original source:

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