Olbermann to Become TV Character? Thought He Already WAS?

In a case of entertainment imitating entertainment, Arron Sorkin — maker of the faux president series West Wing — has hinted that he is soon to start development of another one of those behind-the-scenes TV shows, this one to be the goings on with a TV pundit show ala Keith Olbermann’s Count Down spectacle on MSNBC. So says Entertainment Weekly this week at least.

So, what are we going to be subjected to? Another ponderous show where a lefty bleeding-heart host that is soooo “concerned” with the whole wide world? A salute to the “seriousness” of an Olbermann type? Or are we going to see the tale of a nearly insane, egomaniacal freak that terrorizes everyone with whom he works? If they are going for fantasy probably the former. Reality… who knows?

And there may be more good news on the horizon: Although his dance card is filled with must-finish screenplays… word is that Sorkin is mulling over the idea of a new TV drama that takes a behind-the-scenes look at a cable news program (think: Keith Olbermann’s show on MSNBC). Though I’m not all that thrilled at the prospect of yet another behind-the-scenes show, I’ll take what I can get if it means Sorkin will (finally!) be back on TV.

One thing is probably certain, we won’t see the likes of a Sorkin skewering a lefty pundit any time soon for fear of losing all his cocktail party invites, so if that’s the plot and character look for this show to be a dog.

I groan imagining the faux “sincerity,” the laden soliloquies that will belch forth from this fictional Pundit, the stern and grave warnings about evil political conservatives it will be filled with, the…. wit a minute. If we want absurd pseudo opinion, maniac personality and insanity we can just watch the real Olbermann. Why do we need a fake Olbermann via Sorkin filling the airwaves? The one we HAVE is outrageously fantastic as it is!

(Photo credit: ew.com)