CNN: Obama Advisor Attacks Cheney: Not a 'Statesman' (But Seems to Forget Al Gore's Attacks on Bush)

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It is always interesting to see the Democratic pot calling the Republican kettle black and here we have only the latest example of that with Obama’s top advisor attacking former Vice President Dick Cheney for his outspoken position on the failures of the Obama administration’s early efforts in office. But, even as advisor David Axelrod was attacking Cheney, there didn’t seem to be any memory on the part of CNN or Axelrod of the wild-eyed, fire-breathing attacks made by former Vice President Al Gore on President George W. Bush in the years after the 2000 election.

On CNN’s State of the Union with host John King, David Axelrod scolded Dick Cheney for not behaving like a “statesman” over the former vp’s statements that the country is becoming less safe because of Obama’s policies.

Speaking to King, Axelrod praised former President Bush for his decision not to criticize Obama but of Cheney he said, “… I just don’t think the memo got passed down to the vice president.”

So Cheney is a big meanie for his measured, albeit sharp, criticism of the Obama administration? Apparently so. But let us be clear here, Cheney has not been screaming at the top of his lungs, he has not been attending fevered rallies calling Obama names. His criticism has been specific, measured and of even temper.

Still, the Obama administration are attempting to spin an “issue” out of this criticism by Cheney, acting as if it is all so untoward.

But, let us go back only a few years to the slobbering, hysterics of former Vice President Al Gore who appeared at an over emotional 2004 rally in Tennessee where he screamed at the top of his lungs to a frenzied crowd that Bush “played on our fears” with his Iraq policies. Remember when Al Gore was screaming like some sort of brimstone spewing preacher that Bush “betrayed this country”?

(Here is the REALLY hard to find audio of Al Gore screaming, “He betrayed this country.” I looked for this for hours before I finally found it.)

Was THAT “statesman-like”?

Somehow, Axelrod “didn’t get the memo” that Al Gore was far, far worse in his lack of statesman-like behavior than Cheney could ever dream of being. Cheney just doesn’t have that sort of unhinged performance IN him! But, leave it to CNN and the Obama administration to act as if Cheney is less adult, less serious and less statesman-like than the freaked out performances of Al “screamer” Gore.

Let’s be honest here shall we? The way Cheney is conducting himself is the epitome of statesman-like. He is engaging in adult, intelligent debate on Obama’s ill-advised policies. That is what statesmen do. Axelrod has the idiotic assumption that being statesman-like is just shutting up about everything.

It is Axelrod and Obama, rather, that is being petty, unprofessional, and lacking of statesmanship by attacking Cheney for having the temerity of speaking his mind in a serious manner instead of actually answering to his charges.

Axelrod on John King

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