NYT Columnist: 'Dark and Dangerous' Conservatives Attack Obama (Did He Miss BDS for Last 8 Yrs?)

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the Pauline Kael-like left. It seems that leftists in America are either mentally stunted or living in such an enclosed, bubble-world that they cannot discern reality from their own fantasy. Such is the case with the faux shock expressed by one Chuck Blow (presumably his real name) from The New York Times whose latest article is filled with the horror that some on the American right might not wish much success for a president of the United States. One must laugh at this man’s alarm and wonder if he missed the last eight years where Bush, Cheney — and at the end, even today, Palin — were hung in effigy, where the past president was wished a long and torturous death, and where the left wanted untold horrors visited upon them and all Americans that support Republicans?

Charles’ sudden awakening to the passion that politics brings is amusing if only to the extent that it is so empty of any introspection. It is hilarious that Chuck only just now had his eyes opened to enflamed political rhetoric and talk of the grave concerns for this country by many millions of his fellow Americans. Sad, in the end, that this guy thinks such vitriol has only just now come from the American right as if born fully grown and never-before-seen.

Chuck must surely have been in a coma since the year 1999.

Blow starts out with what must be considered “humor” in the world of the extreme left. The Times columnist says that he has been consuming as much conservative media as possible “interspersed with shots of Pepto-Bismol.” To that I can only say that I welcome him to the real world. After all, the far left American Old Media has had real Americans reaching for that venerable acid reducer since the 1960s… not that he’d know this being part of the problem and all and seeing as how he doesn’t get out of that left-wing bubble much.

Blow goes on to worry that conservatives are so incensed with the anti-American direction that the most liberal Senator in Congress, now president, is taking the country that some may even be contemplating “revolution.”

Blow goes on to detail a few voices that have ruminated aloud about that approaching possibility. Folks like Chuck Norris, Glenn Beck and Representative Michele Bachmann (R, MN) are cited. Apparently he is suddenly all scared for the USA.

All this talk of revolution is revolting, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

He then cites Bill Maher, of all people, as an antidote to this troublesome sentiment. Remember, it was Bill Maher that wished for Vice President Dick Cheney to be blown up by terrorists! Apparently, Blow was safely in his bubble when Maher made that murderous wish out loud. Yeah, Maher is a great person to turn to as the calming, sensible and grown-up influence to counter hate-speak!

In any case, Blow is all a’twitter that so many Americans are upset at the direction of the country with some espousing a desire to “take back our country.”

But it all gives me a really bad feeling.

Like I said, apparently our lefty friend Blow is in a Kael-like bubble. It was New York theater critic Pauline Kael that was shocked back in the 70s that Richard Nixon could ever win the presidency. After all, she didn’t know but one person that was for the man. So, since she didn’t know any such Americans existed, how could he possibly have won an election? Such is the bubble the left enclose themselves in womb-like and safe from all opposing opinion.

So, Mr. Blow is all exasperated and a’feared of all this “revolution” talk, upset that any American might express dissatisfaction over a president’s actions, shocked… SHOCKED I tell you… that anyone could possibly want to “take back our country.”

One can only laugh at his blindness.

After all, for the last eight years lefty website after lefty newspaper after lefty Congressman and community leader have been outspoken in their hatred of Bush, Cheney and Palin. Any number of lefty writers and web postings can be found wishing for them to be killed or at the very least jailed. The DailyKos and the DemocraticUnderground is filled with leftists arguing to “take back our country” by installing their kind of anti-American, far left, Eurocentric ilk. We even had an ex-vice president screaming out in fake alarm that Bush “played on our fers” and that “he betrayed this country.”

Apparently, Mr. Blow never noticed such talk before?

So, why don’t you give Chuckie an email to let him know that you’re here and you think he is a bit silly for his inability to have noticed the past eight years of hatred from HIS side: [email protected].

Tell him I said hey.

(Photo: The New York Times)