Another City Tries to Quash Tax Day Tea Party Gathering

Brendan Steinhuser of FreedomWorks is reporting that another official of an American city is trying to prevent organizers of a tea party tax protest from being “allowed” to stage their protest, this time in Burleson, Texas.

Unlike the the situation in Cape Coral, Florida where it was overburdening regulation that served as a stumbling block to the freedom of the people to assemble, the Texas case proves to be more un-American because it is an unelected city official that is vowing to block the tax protest by abusing his insider power to cajole city officials to deny American’s their rights..

According to Steinhauser, Street Supervisor Ray Gonzales is vowing to prevent the gathering.

Mr. Gonzales told organizers that he is on a special events staff, which is under the city manager’s office in Burleson. Gonzales explained to one local organizer that the special events staff had decided this protest was “not in the public interest.” He is telling organizers that David Wynn, the city manager, is his boss, and could overturn this decision. For the record, the city manager’s office told local organizers that they do not need a permit to demonstrate in Burleson, and they are not saying that the organizers need one now.

Can we guess which party Gonzales belongs to? Could it be maybe that party that has a jackass as it’s mascot?

For those interested in expressing how anti-American Gonzales is, here is some of the contact info for the good folks in the city government of Burleson, Texas:

Burleson Mayor Kenneth Shetter
[email protected]

Burleson City Manager David Wynn
[email protected] (817) 447-5400 x 234

Burleson City Council
[email protected]

I can tell you that the people will show up anyway, but we need to send a message to the city of Burleson, just like we did in Cape Coral, Florida.

Burleson Tea Party

April 15, 2009
3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Location: Across the street from Wal-Mart
951 SW Wilshire Blvd.
Burleson, Texas 76028 ([email protected])