How do we Work With 'Palestinians' That Punish Little Girls for Playing Music?

We are sonorously told to respect the “Palestinians,” that their “government” is one we must work with to solve the ages old conflicts of the Middle East. We are also told by those advocating realpolitik between the west and the Muslim world that their system based on Islam is just as good as anyone else’s, just as we are so often assured that all governments deserve equal consideration merely because they exist.

But, when things like what happened to the members of a girl’s youth orchestra based in the Palestinian camp of Jenin occur, well it’s awfully hard to feel that the Palestinian government is “just like us.” In fact, it’s pretty hard to think that it is anything but inhuman.

Oh, it’s not as bad as these young girl’s deaths at the hands of the Palestinian government might be, certainly. It’s much simpler than that. It’s a matter of the PA lacking even the smallest form of common human decency. You see, last week this youth orchestra played a little concert. It so happened that in the audience of this little concert were some Israeli Holocaust survivors. But once the girls got home and the Palestinian Authority found out these Muslim girls happened to play a concert at which a few elderly Jews attended, why the PA immediately disbanded the orchestra and told its conductor that she was no longer allowed to make music ever again.

These Muslim hatemngers cannot even stomach an inconsequential little concert put on by their own children if those dirty Jews happened to hear their strains. Worse, instead of just quietly attempting to make sure that their children’s orchestras don’t violate their precious hatred of Jews in the future, in knee-jerk fashion they took away one of the few things that made these young girl’s lives bearable and forbade them to play their music, shuttering their practice hall, and ostracizing their teacher.

Who can doubt that this poor teacher should fear for her life after his?

These presumably responsible figures in the Palestinian government have shown that they don’t have the common decency even to allow these little girls to play some nice music without punishing them for having the wrong sort of audience. One report even has it that neither the girls nor the audience were aware that some were Muslim and others Holocaust survivors.

It was just a flippin’ concert! A little kid’s concert, yet.

Islam as intertwined with a system of government is as capricious a system as can be imagined. It really is just that simple. Women are routinely treated as worse than chattel, neighboring countries are automatically assumed to be arch enemies — and treated as such — human rights are non-existent, there is no sense of addressing problems within the society… well, there is little reason for recommending Islam as a basis for government. It is as anti-human as can be imagined. Even communism is better, and that system is one of the most murderous systems ever devised by the mind of man.

But, darn it all, they really are “just like us, ” aren’t they?

(Photo credit: Associated Press)