Consequences: Wisconsin Loses Jobs/Development Over Card Check

Wisconsin’s Eau Claire County lost 800 full-time jobs and a $50 million investment that was to be rolled out over the next five years because of the Democrat’s Card Check bill. And it wasn’t just a single county in Wisconsin that lost this multi-million dollar development. It was the whole U.S.A. that lost this project.

Thank you Barack Obama. Some help with economic “stimulus” and jobs you are.

Announcing this loss, Brian Doudna, executive director of the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corp., said that the project was abandoned because the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would make the project unprofitable and unmanageable. Because the legislation would force binding arbitration on the corporation, eliminate the secret ballot and strangle the right of business owners to speak to employees about unions, it was determined that conditions would be too costly and unstable to go ahead.

Doudna also said that because of the EFCA, the project would not be built anywhere in the U.S.

“While debating topics and issues are an important part of the U.S. political process, our ability to grow, retain and recruit jobs to our marketplace is now being impacted,” he said.

“Proposed federal and state legislation, as shown by this company’s decision, can impact location decisions and limit the private sector’s ability to create quality jobs for Eau Claire area residents. This is especially disappointing given the condition of our current national, regional and local economies.”

This is a perfect example of the negative effect that the EFCA will have on the entire U.S. economy. Companies won’t be able to plan without expecting the government to swoop in at any given time to force all parties into a union, employees won’t be free to make an informed choice about organizing, employers will be forbidden to even have an open discussion with employees over their options and costs will soar as the exorbitant costs of unions is forced upon businesses everywhere.

In such an atmosphere, why would any company put themselves at such risk to develop new opportunities in the U.S.? It is so much easier to just go to some foreign country where business and economic development is welcomed with open arms than to lose money, find no partnership with workers and face a government hostile to economic opportunities.

This is the atmosphere that Barack Obama wants to foster in the U.S. with his support of the EFCA. He wants a hostile climate, one where business is not viewed as a partner in the American economy, but as an enemy to the people.

You need to urge your representatives in Congress to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act so that innovation, expansion, and opportunity can remain a key aspect of a strong America.