We NEED a Newspaper Bailout to SAVE This Professionalism

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The L.A. Times has always considered itself the cream of the newspaper crop in the Western U.S., the height of the industry. It is supposed to represent the best in newspaper professionalism. Papers like the L.A. Times are also held up as an example of what we don’t want to lose when supporters talk of instituting newspaper industry bailouts in the halls of Congress. Well, our friends at lies.com aren’t fooled!

With all the grave warnings of that excellence of newspapers that might be lost echoing in your ears, I offer an amusing example of that “excellence” for you today. Take a closer look at the accompanying photos of one of the pages in Friday’s print edition of the L.A. Times. Notice that the L.A. Times rushed to press before they even tipped in the subheads and photo captions and left the dummy type in its place.

Hail the professionalism of the L.A. Times.

Sure would be terrible to miss all that expertise, eh?

Brian Faughnan brought this to our attention. That’s my verbose way of saying “hattip to Brian” while pretending to be too intellectual for blog-speak.