VP Biden's Union Friend, Video Taped and Arrested for Pickpocketing

During the late presidential campaign, vp candidate Joe “gimme a f*ing break” Biden visited with his friends at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Iowa. Joe was in The Hawkeye State to participate in some union campaign boilerplate called Walk A Day In My Shoes. There he “walked” with an upstanding union fella named Marshall Clemons, custodian for an Iowa school system and SEIU member.

So, the vice president “walked” in Clemons’ shoes one day helping him replace air conditioning filters and sweeping floors. It was a feels good day all around, for sure. But Clemons now has a new walk to take, one generally known as a perp walk. You see Clemons was video taped by an alert lobbyist stealing people’s wallets out of unguarded purses and bags in the Iowa State House in Cedar Rapids. Police caught Biden’s buddy with several stolen wallets when they arrested him later in the men’s bathroom there.

Now, we have one set of “shoes” going to jail. I wonder if Biden will be walking in them again any time soon?

Naturally, a great little video was quickly produced to capitalize on this pickpocketing, VP buddy and union thug:

I guess that Clemons excused his theft because, after all, he was stealing from evil lobbyists in the Iowa Statehouse. I mean, we all know that lobbyists aren’t really even human, right? They deserve to be stolen from… right? I mean it’s not like union members, the salt of the earth dontcha know, have any lobbyists of their own. Uh… right? Gosh, union wuld never be that evil. Er, uh… right?

The story was first covered by TV 13 news, then by the Iowa Republican, and finally by The American Spectator.

(Original photo by Ben Roberts )