Why Does Obama Want Illegals Legalized Quick? So They can Join Unions!

According to reports, President Obama said it’s important to have a quick path to citizenship for illegal immigrants so that they can join unions to “get protection” from evil employers.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Southern California, Obama broached his newest cause celebre, “comprehensive” immigration reform, in Costa Mesa.

“If they stay in the shadows in the underground economy, they are oftentimes pitted against American workers since they can’t join a union. They can’t complain about minimum wages.”

Obama also claimed that we need to make sure illegal immigrants don’t flood across the border uncontrolled saying that we need to secure our border with Mexico. Yet, even as he told Californians that he is an advocate of a tighter boarder, reports have emerged that his administration is going to take money away from immigration workplace enforcement programs allowing immigrants to more easily take jobs illegally in the U.S.

So, as is typical with this president, what he says on the permanent campaign trail is in no way backed by his actual policies.

What we see here is the exact opposite of a controlled border. He wants to give blanket amnesty to enlarge union rolls and denude money from enforcement on top of that so that even more illegals will find reason to sneak across the border.

If Californians thought Obama was trying to head off the coming Mexifornia, they are sorely mistaken.