Sorry About Your Loss, Mom. Now Can We Use Part of Your Baby for 'Reaseach'?

Professor Sir Richard Gardner, a leading scientist for stem cell research at Oxford University, England, proposed using parts of aborted fetuses as transplantable material for the ill last week causing great concern for those believing in the sanctity of human life.

Sir Richard called for studies into the feasibility of transplanting fetal organs into adults and found it curious that it hasn’t been done already. He claimed it would take much research to prove the feasibility of the idea.

Imagine what this concept would result in, however. Who cannot realize the Pandora’s box of horrors that would be opened with this idea? Should such an idea take hold we necessarily would find doctors telling mothers that it is OK to abort their children because it “might save a life” all so that researchers would have more fetal material to study.

And it could get even worse if such research would find the idea feasible. We would then end up with doctors pushing abortion so that we could begin to disseminate fetal tissue to prolong other people’s lives. We would therefore be setting up a system of purposefully killing infants to prolong the lives of older humans.

What sort of society kills its young to provide spare parts to make older people live longer?

Add to that the typical human endeavor generally called a black market economy. Who can doubt that at some point people of means would easily be able to buy babies in order to kill them for spare parts once it is proven that fetal tissues can prolong life?

We already have China, one of the world’s largest nations, dealing in black market organs as they kill off political dissidents and criminals in order to sell body parts on the underground market. Without a basic respect for the sanctity of human life, we will get to such a point world wide. It isn’t merely a possibility, it is assured. Human nature must lead to this end — power corrupting absolutely and all.

Where does it stop? What sort of human life is sacred? What type of human life is worth keeping alive with heroic measures and what type of human life is only worth the spare parts it might lend to others? Where does that line get drawn?

How do we know the difference between a fetus that was “going to be aborted anyway” and one that was aborted solely to satisfy transplant needs? How do we know that the mother of that fetus was properly informed of the choices before her and not just cajoled into an abortion to supply “science” with necessary study materials?

Whose fetuses will be aborted most often? Minorities? Will they find their children murdered to supply science at a greater rate than the majority in any given country? How do we assure whose babies are killed with “good” reason?

Well, the issues that this sort of research will open up is a veritable cabinet of Doctor Mengele.

Science is a great thing, we all know. But science cut free of the moorings of morality and a respect for human life is a destructive force that will lead to our demise as a species. Professor Sir Richard Gardner should be excoriated for his inhuman, Mengele-esque musings.