Obama Wanted To Fire GOP US Attny To Fill Job With Dem

Is is being reported that President Obama wanted to fire a Republican US Attorney in Missouri and to replace her with a Democrat.

Now, can we revisit the agonized wailing that emanated in 2006 from the unhinged left when President Bush fired some US Attorneys? Remember how they screamed that it was all “just political” and that it might even be an illegal action? Remember how they gyrated over Bush’s supposed “destruction” of the US Attorney offices in the land, how he was trying to ruin our system?

Their wailing went on for several years quite despite the fact that these same US Attorneys serve at the discretion of the president in the first place. Quite despite the fact that past Democrat presidents also fired them at will. (Here is a perfect example of how the uniformed and unhinged left took this story back in 2006.)

Now comes The Obammessiah trying to fire GOP US Attorney Catherine Hanaway, a former Speaker of the Missouri House and US Attorney for the Eastern District since 2006, to replace her with St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney and Democrat Bob McCulloch.

McCulloch, though, has apparently turned Obama down and wants to stay where he is at.

So, the questions before the class today is this: will the leftists that had their panties in a bunch over Bush’s sacking of US Attorneys again raise the alarm over Obama’s base political move of exactly the same thing? Will they be closely watching Obama as he moves forward in future firings and point their boney accusing fingers at him for his apostasy of “politicizing” US Attorney offices? Will they hurl the ominous charges against Obama that they cast at Bush?

Or will we rather hear a deafening silence on Obama’s attempt to cashier a US Attorney? And will we likely hear more silence as he does it later to other US Attorneys?

What’s your guess?

h/t Brian Simpson