Dems to Take up Card Check on Tuesday

The Senate has secret elections for its leaders. The House of Representatives also uses a closed ballot, one not open to public view, for its own members. We all, you and I, have a secret ballot when we vote for president or for our local officials at our local polling place. It’s one of the oldest aspects of the democratic system.

Yet, Democrats want to take that oldest part of the democratic process away from 105 million Americans.

For their support in the last election Democrats are poised to launch an effort to force a payback to Big Unions through Congress, perhaps as early as Tuesday. That payback will be in the form of the woefully misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” — which is neither free nor any choice. In this legislation, unions can dispense with the ages old secret ballot for union members and force them to sign public cards revealing their personal vote to everyone. Naturally, when a voter’s choice is known to everyone, pressure will be greater to conform and the conscience of the union member can easily take a back seat to that of getting along with union bosses.

In an effort to inform as many people as possible on this unAmerican payoff to corrupt Big Labor Associated Builders and Contractors and Contractors Free Enterprise Alliance is launching www.cardcheckquiz.com.

Right now, Congress is considering the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act.” But it would strip an estimated 105 million working Americans of the right to a private ballot in union elections. Instead, employees would be subject to “card check” — a process that’s pen to coercion, confusion, and intimidation.

Take the quiz to find out if EFCA will steal your private vote.

Why do Democrats want to take away the very access to a secret ballot that they jealously guard for themselves? As a corrupt bargain for the millions upon millions that Big Labor pumped into Democratic Party campaign coffers, of course.

And if the Democratic Party gets its way, union thugs will be intimidating union voters with impunity.

It’s up to us to stop them and save the conscience vote for millions of American workers.