What Richard Cranium Came Up With THIS Program?

This year, the City of San Francisco is spending $122,575 in scarce budget dollars to grow the “Healthy Penis” campaign. No advocates of flaccid government, THIS city council, I gotta tell you! Only a good stiff effort will do.

So what is the “Healthy Penis” campaign? It’s a city wide effort to drive a stake in the heart of syphilis in the Bay Area, that’s what. Yes, Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to give the shaft to VD and he’s willing to screw the budget to get it done.

We all stand against a fowled phallus, of course, but is over $120,000 in these harsh economic times a cost worth pounding out of the budget? I mean, is this the sort of thing we should be yanking money out of City Hall for?

What Richard Cranium (think about it) came up with this plan, anyway? And what is all this dough going for?

Of that, $59,980 is for advertising in the Bay Area Reporter, on Muni buses, and on 92.7 FM. The rest is for staff, including a part-time Web designer, creative director and product manager.

I’d say this program deserves some laying on of hands. We shouldn’t be palming off this cost on the poor taxpayers of San Francisco. Let’s do some poking around and slam the guy who came up with this weener… I mean winner.

I mean can’t we…. OK, I’m finished. I need a nap.

Oh, and check out the program ad cartoon:

There’s three Richard Craniums right there.

Only in San Francisco.