A Reminder of Liberal Hypocrisy

On March 6 Rush Limbaugh joked that the new healthcare bill being sponsored by the Democrats in Congress should be called the “Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care Bill.” Limbaugh was obviously alluding to the fact that Kennedy is reportedly at death’s door.

It was a toss off joke, a dark one to be sure. Certainly, though, many have said worse of Teddy “the Swimmer” Kennedy.

Predictably the democratic Party ramped up the high dudgeon attacking Limbaugh for the off-color quip.

The executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called Limbaugh’s comments about Sen. Kennedy “truly outrageous.” ““Leader Limbaugh crossed the line. National Republicans must stand up to their leader, Rush Limbaugh, and tell him that enough is enough,” said Brian Wolff.

The gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes over Limbaugh’s comment was prevalent in Democratic circles. Ted Kennedy, the “lion of the Senate,” is not to be made fun of, you see.

Well… unless you are a Democrat.

As the whirling Dervishes of the democratic Party went after Limbaugh for sniping at Teddy yesterday, one of their own did the same thing — and in worse style — to no consequences at all.

Only last week Congressman Bobby Rush (D, IL) took a slap at Kennedy that pales in comparison to what Limbaugh said. It was during comments about the Roland Burris situation when Bobby Rush slammed Ted Kennedy over Chappaquidick.

“There have been senators who have been drunk, drove off a bridge, people died, no outcry for their resignation,” Rush told reporters referring to the 1969 Chappaquidick incident where Teddy Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown after he drove his car off a bridge, her inside.

How’s that for audacity, eh?

Curiously enough, not a word was peeped by these Democrats that went after Limbaugh.

Dontcha wonder why that is? Could it be… maybe… hypocrisy in action?