Harry Reid Proposes Power Grid Take Over By Feds

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, NV) has just proposed that the federal government should take over the power grid in the country so that it might string power lines all across the land. At least that would be the outcome if his new proposal comes to fruition.

Reid wants created by federal fiat new “special power lines to carry renewable energy.” Further, he proposes that these “special power lines” be placed where the federal government says they should be placed. He says that to do this the Federal government would “be able override states” in the placement of these power lines.

The Federal government would be able override states and direct where the lines would go and who would pay for them.

It would be defacto control of the entire power grid by order of Congress.

But the plan raises many questions: how is it the American way to have Congress override states and force companies to build things they did not wish to build? How is it Congress’ place to say who should be forced to pay for these projects? Since when did Congress become civil engineers so that they are able to undertake such a project?

It’s the hubris of Congress on display once again.