UPDATE on Unions a Hatin' Unions

On February 25, we noted a story by Ben Smith of Politico about the newest troubles in the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and its President Andy Stern. Stern is attempting yet another hostile take over of yet another union in his attempt to gain iron-fisted rule of all unions in the country — no less than that is his ultimate goal.

It looks like Politico has another note in that battle.

AFL official blasts SEIU

SEIU chief Andrew Stern’s backing of a divorce for UNITE HERE, and his offer to merge with that union, has provoked off-record grumbling on the HERE side of the divided union. Today, it brought an an on-record shot from a division of the AFL-CIO, which SEIU and UNITE HERE left to form Change to Win.

“A guiding principle of American trade unionism is and always has been that one union or federation of unions must not interfere in the democratic processes of another union or federation,” said Building and Construction Trades Department President Mark Ayers in his memo. “The fact that one large international union has chosen to insert itself into the affairs of UNITE HERE is deplorable and arrogant.”

It has to be said that “deplorable and arrogant” are Andy Stern’s guiding principles!

It also must be pointed out that Stern is a close pal of Barack Obama and was one of the culprits involved in the selling of Obama’s Senate seat with Illinois ex-governor, Blagojevich.

Andy Stern is nothing if not “deplorable and arrogant”!