Coming To a Craft Store Near You: Barack As Jesus

Our Obama Journey May Obama be Our Shepherd

Yes, be the first on your block to have this professionally framed fine art depiction of Barack Obama as Jesus Christ*, shepherd’s staff in hand and lamb in arms. Accompanying this high quality art piece is a wonderful message of uplift about “The Journey” to Obamahood we all share.

You’ll be proud as your friends and family see this wonderful piece of art adorning your walls and they too will want to believe that YES WE CAN sell them one of their very own.

And if you act now, we will send you an Obama prayer cloth made from underwear that The One himself once wore so generously donated to YOU, his flock. These segments of prayer cloth are soft as a baby’s bottom and you will be comforted by the fact that it once sat close to our savior. You can just feel the power of this prayer cloth emanating like rays of sunshine. Hold it as you pray, rub it on your cheek and know that blessings will be showered upon you by He that satteth in them who is now he that sitteth in the seat of power at long last. Praise HIM and may he be a lamp unto our feet… but one that is eco friendly.

And that’s not all: along with your high quality Obama iconography and prayer cloth, you’ll get a four leaf Obama naturally grown in a herbal garden in California along with a lucky Obama’s foot from creatures that willingly gave their lives for HIM so that YOU can can receive good luck.

Hurry, all this has been designed with YOU in mind but this is an emergency and we must ACT NOW! So ACT NOW before it’s TOO LATE!!! These O-products are sure to help YOU sit in rapt attention during Obama press conferences and YOU also will find serene patience bestowed upon YOU as YOU await HIS next email kindly informing YOU of the daily word HE wishes to enlighten YOU with.


*Any allusions to past or lesser religious figures is purely coincidental. Besides, they never existed anyway, so spare us your extreme “religious” outrage.


This bit of humor brought to you by a real wall hanging for sale recently in a California craft store. Sickening, isn’t it?