WTH On Breitbart TV's B Cast Show

Got a call from Scott Baker of Breitbart TV’s B Cast show to come on and talk about this war between Obama and Rush Limbaugh.

The B Cast crew saw my article on that originally appeared on NewsBusters on March 2 and then debuted on Publius Forum on the 3rd.

Scott and Liz were gracious enough to agree to a video experiment with this one, too. We hooked up via Skype and my webcam so that I was able to be on video with the B Cast crew! (a learning experience, for sure)

I had a ton of fun with Scott and Liz…

Yes, it was great fun thanks to Scott and Liz. I hope to do more with them as time goes on.

Be sure and tune in to the B Cast show live every week day at 4PM Eastern.