Terrorist To 'Lecture' Illinois Kids

Dear Illinois,  
Thanks for Paying me to talk to your kids.  
Love, Bill Ayres,  
writer, teacher, terrorist

Illinois you have the honor of seeing your tax dollars go to pay terrorist William Ayers to “lecture” students at the University of Illinois. Not only will he be “lecturing” your students for a week at the Urbana campus, but your tax dollars at work will afford him free room and board at Allen Hall, as well.

Isn’t it heart warming that this killer and hater of America is being paid state dollars to help teach your college kids? Doesn’t it make you all warm and squishy inside that this anti-American, hater is there in Urbana to spread his lies and destructive ideas among the students he encounters there? And doesn’t it make us as a society so smart and open-minded to allow enemies to nurture our youth?

Here is the proposed schedule of topics for the week:

  • 7 p.m. Sunday, “The Weather Underground,” screening of the Oscar-nominated documentary about Ayers and the rise and fall of this radical movement. Ayers will not be at the screening.
    — Where students will be told how wonderful and important the murderers in the Weather Underground were
  • 7 p.m. Monday, opening program, “Yes We Can: Reflections on Campaign 2008.”  
    — Where students will be indoctrinated on The One’s socialist policies
  • 7 p.m. Tuesday, “Fugitive Days.”  
    –Where kids will be regaled on the fun and frivolity on the outlaw trail
  • 7 p.m. Wednesday, “Education for Democracy.”  
    — Were “democracy” will be defined via Marx and Engels
  • 7 p.m. Thursday, “The New Activism.”  
    –Where “activism” will be defined via Marx and Engels without using either Marx or Engles’ names

I hear tell that as soon as Ayers leaves his free vacation room in Allen Hall he will be followed by advocates of the KKK, a representative of the Hitler Youth Corps, Stalin’s gardener, and a Jihadi bombmaker that will teach the kiddies how to blow up any large Federal office building they wish to level. I sigh in delight.

Yes, it’s great to see our tax supported “universities” teaching students all the skills they will need to be honest, patriotic and productive Americans, isn’t it?

You’ll note a man by the company he keeps, we all know. In this case, we can also note the company that universities keep and rate those universities on patriotism by it. And, in so doing, we’ll find they come up seriously lacking.

And, while our unAmerican universities do their level best to indoctrinate our students in any manner of idea that is against this country, we get the luxury of paying them to do it with our tax dollars.

Only in America.