Obama's New Jobs Success: For Creating New Lobbyist Jobs, That Is

Well, President Obama really does have some success at new jobs creation that he can proudly point to as evidence that his “stimulus” is working. Apparently, Democrat staffers are fleeing the Hill for K Street, that swanky address where so many lobbying firms have taken up residence in D.C. Not only have Democrat aides been finding some great new jobs in lobbying firms, but they’re getting premium salaries, to boot. These Democrat aids turned lobbyists are commanding $350,000 to $450,000 salaries on K Street.

Chris Frates of Politico is reporting that Democrat aides are “hot commodities” as new employees for lobbying firms. The reason? Obama’s new policies are so confusing and complicated that these firms are scrambling to get a staffer that has any idea at all about what is going on to help them figure out what to do for those they represent.

So, Obama is growing the size of K Street and helping create lucrative new jobs for his loyalists on the Hill in the doing. Must be nice. It is a bit perplexing, though. Obama spent nearly two years attacking lobbyists as the bane of American politics. Candidate Obama was all about the evil, evil money in politics, that money he so hated, and he was going to eliminate it all for you and me. It’s only because he loves us so, you see.

Yet, now he is growing K Street more than ever? Seems a tad hypocritical to me. But, what do I know?

Of course, Obama’s help growing lobbyist’s businesses is on top of the enlarging of government to the point where 100,000 new government workers will be hired to fulfill Obama’s glut of government spending, program enlargements, welfare growth and bloating of unfunded mandates.

So, yeah, Obama is making jobs… only they are jobs that produce nothing. They are jobs that do not add to creation of wealth or growing the nation. In fact, these are the sort of jobs that feed like leeches off those that build this country.

Obama’s leeches, that’s what we are getting.