Adam Kinzinger For Illinois 11th -- Hero, Patriot

First Lt. Adam Kinzinger, 30, officer in the Air National Guard, was enjoying a night on the town in Milwaukee in May of 2007 when he saw before him a woman clutching her neck and bleeding profusely, a man with a knife standing behind her. Acting quickly, Lt. Kinzinger subdued the man and stopped any further harm from coming to the unknown woman.

Others also came to his aid to keep the attacker subdued and still others whisked the injured woman off to a local hospital for treatment. It is reported to have taken about 100 stitches to close the wound. The attacker is in jail awaiting trial for the assault.

Immediately after the incident, Lt. Kinzinger was off to Iraq to serve his country, not to meet the woman whose life he saved until much later. In the meantime, Lt. Kinzinger won the Valley Forge Cross for Heroism for his service in Iraq among other accolades.

Then came the day when he finally met the woman he so selflessly helped on that night in Milwaukee.

And now Adam Kinzinger is considering a run to defeat a Democrat in the 11th Congressional District in Illinois, a seat now held by Debbie Halvosron. This is the sort of man we should helping to elect! http://www.adamkinzinger.com/

The Lt. was named Hero of the year by the Milwaukee Red Cross

The young Lt. addresses a McLean County rally for the troops:


Adam Kinzinger was elected to the McLean County Board as a Sophomore at Illinois State University in 1998 beating a 12 year incumbent Democrat. He was re-elected four years later. Shortly after 9-11 he decided to join the Air Force. Since then he has completed Pilot training and participated in missions to Afghanistan and Iraq numerous times. When he has not been deployed overseas he has flown missions on our Southern borders in the War on Drugs. As of February 16th, 2009 Adam has returned to Iraq for another mission that will last till early May. Upon his return he will be hitting the trail, as a near full time candidate. He will retain his Air Force Reserve Status and if elected will be part of only a handful of Representatives in Washington DC that serve as Reservists.