Union Prez: GOP 'Fomenting Rebellion' In Military Against Obama

Ron Moore, AFL-CIO local president and Examiner writer, absurdly and irresponsibly claimed on February 25 that “the Republican Party” is trying to “foment rebellion” inside the U.S. military against President Obama. This is exactly the sort of irresponsible charges that the left loves to throw around to create fear and loathing, sadly.

Moore bases the untruths in his headlined, “Is the Republican Party fomenting rebellion among the armed forces as a political tactic?,” on the fact that individuals that happen to be Republicans — or once were — are still pursuing the Obama birth certificate issue. But he takes that extra untenable step to say that these few people represent “the Republican Party.”

Moore cites Alan Keyes’ suggestion that American soldiers should refuse orders given by Barack Obama. Keyes claims Obama is not a proven natural born U.S. citizen because an official birth certificate has not been released and that he may not Constitutionally qualify to be president of the U.S. Moore further cites the fact that one solder has joined the fight to force Obama to reveal his real birth certificate as evidence that “the military” is taking Keyes up on the crusade.

After detailing the story, Moore ends his foolish piece with this:

While this may not be a trend, it is noteworthy that the hostility is so openly practiced by those sworn to uphold the Constitution. As President, Ronald Reagan started the practice of treating the military as an adjunct to the Republican Party. Senator Jesse Helms warned President Clinton that if he visited a military base in North Carolina he may be shot and President George W. Bush routinely used members of the military as props during public relations tours.

It is “noteworthy” only in that Ron Moore makes the wildly illogical leap that Keyes and this one soldier represents both the entire Republican Party and the U.S. military, membership and officers both. Firstly, it must be pointed out to the fantasy minded Moore that Alan Keyes is no longer a Republican. Keyes really can’t be claimed by any party at this point. He has his own agenda.

Secondly, Moore’s loose connection of past Republicans to this current birth certificate flap is shaky, indeed. What ever you think of this controversy, there is no one… I repeat NOT ONE… member of the Party establishment interested in pursuing this birth certificate issue. No raft of Congressmen have made calls to see the original birth certificate, no party head or minion has demanded that Obama be denied his office over the issue.

There is no “trend,” and no party effort to begin one. Period.

Yes, many people outside the party establishment are interested in this case. But they are a minority of the membership of the GOP. For Ron Moore to explode the participation of these two people he mentions into some overarching GOP conspiracy is idiotic and irresponsible.

But, then again, that’s how the left works, eh? Taking one or two instances of something and making of it a representative fact when it is far from it, this is a chief tactic. Instead of being assumed to be a serious reporter and writer, Moore proves himself to be no better than a DailyKos moonbat screeching in the night.

So, what is it with leftists named Moore that have to resort to lies to advocate for their side?