These Are the People Supporting EFCA

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), the union friendly law currently sitting idle in Congress awaiting a Big Labor financed president to get around to addressing it, has some very interesting supporters. We’ve been told, of course, that we shouldn’t worry about Barack Obama and his followers, that they are just as American as anyone else. That claim of red-blooded Americanness is a bit hard to reconcile, however, where it concerns the EFCA.

While taking a small uptick in numbers the last few years, union membership has been down compared to the heyday of union labor in the US. Unions backed Obama with many millions of dollars during the campaign and have been keenly interested in enacting the EFCA, a bill that will help grow union membership in the country. They expect pay back for supporting Obama and he’s pledged to give it to them.

The chief aspect of this bill is the “card check” feature that will tend to eliminate the right of prospective union members from voting for or against the union in the most common process of western democracy; the secret ballot. Future workers will be forced to openly declare their choice of pro or anti union by signing a public card. This public declaration leaves every voter open to any form of intimidation and this is why unions want this bill passed. It will be all the easier to force new members to say “yes” to unionism.

But, it isn’t just union thugs that are supporting the unAmerican ideals inherent in this bill. Communists and socialists are too. And by that I mean communists in the United States. (I won’t call them “American communists” because it is impossible to be both at the same time)

For instance, the North Texas branch of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) is passing out fliers (see image here) in support of the EFCA.

The disgusting image of the commie Jesus I used above is from their MySpace photos page where one can also see photos from their meetings.

So, this serves as a good illustration of the sort of people that support the EFCA. If the communists are for it, how could any true American join them?