Obama's Radical Appointees Piling Up

We all remember the drubbing that conservatives took during the campaign when they openly worried, and even directly charged, that Barack Obama was a far left radical. Pointing to the racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the domestic terrorist William Ayers and wife, and several others of Obama’s close friends and associates conservatives sounded a clarion call to alert the country that we were about to get one of the most extremely leftist presidents ever.

Of course, the so-called rational and presumably non-partisan commentators that abound in the center left of the chattering classes scoffed at what they claimed to be the wild demagogues on the “extreme right” who then said Obama was a radical. They have for the last two years excoriated anyone that worries about how far to the left Obama is, saying that Obama is just an average Democrat that seeks to “bring us together.”

Oh, but were it true that Obama was a centrist at heart. Unfortunately, with each passing week it seems that Barack Obama is looking far more the radical that conservatives charged that he was during the campaign than he is the centrist hands-across-the-aisle sort that the Democrats claim he is. One need only look at many of his appointments to see just how radical Obama is aiming to turn the U.S. government for proof of this fact.

During the campaign and as he planned his transition, Obama repeatedly turned to people whose views were far to the left of the average American’s. For instance, during the campaign and for his transition team, Obama relied on Susan Power for foreign policy advice. Power has for many years advocated that the U.S. give billions to upgrade the armed forces of Hamas and other Palestinian agencies despite the fact that Hamas and the PA have never once renounced the goal of wiping Israel off the face of the Earth.

Similarly, in the field of foreign policy, Obama tapped the services of Robert Malley a man well-known for his close working ties to Hamas and a man that repeatedly met with the terrorist group’s leaders. Obama also hired a woman, Sonal Shah, thought connected to a radical Hindu nationalist group in India to advise him.

In the filed of labor, Obama has sought out as his new chief of labor, one Hilda Solis. Solis has been found to have violated ethics rules by lobbying for a union friendly labor bill while she was both a member of Congress AND a member of the very unions that would benefit from the legislation. For the head of the National Labor Relations Board, Obama has picked Wilma Liebman, a woman that has strongly advocated against the rights of individuals and for collective rights; essentially a communist and virulently unAmerican concept.

Recently Obama appointed Harvard’s Ashton Carter to become the Pentagon’s chief weapons buyer (the undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics). However, Carter has been an outspoken critic of weapons of all stripes for years with his chief experience being in eliminating weapons, not funding and creating them. He has been an opponent of the military industrial establishment, not an ally — nor even neutral on the matter. Industry experts are worried that his anti-weapons sentiment will make him an enemy to the very job he is supposed to be filling. In a day when we have to fear terrorism as well as one where new technologies and the advancement of weapons systems to keep up with enemies is vitally important, Obama has picked a nominee that is against everything we need to be exploring to keep this country safe. An anti-weapons advocate for our chief weapons buyer is an amazing contradiction… unless one means to eliminate our weapons systems, not to improve them, naturally.

Now comes word that the Obama administration is looking to elevate Charles Freeman to a role in America’s intelligence establishment. Freeman once helped radical Islamists from Saudi Arabia to peddle an anti-western/anti-Jewish “text book” to kids in this country. Freeman, president of the Middle East Policy Council, a Saudi-funded think tank, was involved in selling the “Arab World Studies Notebook,” a book that for one claimed that Jerusalem is unequivocally an Arab province. The book also claimed that the Koran “synthesizes and perfects earlier revelations.”

So for our intelligence establishment, Barack Obama wants to install a man that agrees with, is funded by, and works with the Islamofascist enemies of the west? A man whose sympathies are against us. A man that has already been intimately involved with pushing Islamist ideals. THIS man is to be in one of OUR top intelligence positions?

Then there is Obama’s pick as head of the Office of Legal Counsel in the Department of Justice, Dawn Johansen. Johansen, for her part, is well known as a feminist radical that has said in the past that she feels pregnancy equals slavery. Johansen was a top lawyer for the National Abortion Rights Action League, or NARAL, a radical abortion advocacy group when she made this crazy claim in a Supreme Court case she was a part of. In many writings and court cases Johansen has also made the case that all restrictions against abortion should be eliminated and government should be made to pay for abortion.

Johansen has also written against any form of the security measures against terrorists that have thus far been put into motion. She is one of those fabulists that imagines that all terrorists could safely be put into the normal U.S. court system to be tried for their actions and has stood against any efforts to preempt terrorist attacks.

She has also advocated that any past applicants to the DOJ that the Bush administration had discriminated against because of the applicant’s leftist views should now get special consideration for those same views. In other words, she is hypocritically against past discrimination based on leftist personal political views and now wants the solution to be to discriminate against those that hold right leaning political views.

These Obama picks, each and every one, are radical leftists. They hold views that few Americans hold. They are in no way centrists or moderates and are not representative of the largest number of Americans. And these are the sorts of people with which Barack Obama wants to fill key position in our government.

So, tell me again that Barack is not a radical leftist. No, the truth is, Barack Obama is a radical’s radical through and through.