Wall Street Journal Gives Action to Principles

Kudos must go to the Wall Street Journal for standing by its principles. Haaretz reports that the WSJ pulled its sponsorship this week for a tennis tournament in Dubai after that Islamic state ignorantly denied a visa for an Israeli player scheduled to play there.

Dubai refused the visa for Israeli player Shahar Peer because of the supposed anger of Muslim tennis fans over the recent Israeli offensive in Gaza. United Arab Emirates officials claimed they feared riots if they allowed Peer to attend.

Once the decision was made known, however, the WSJ reacted well in a statement released on Wednesday.

“The Wall Street Journal’s editorial philosophy is free markets and free people, and this action runs counter to the Journal’s editorial direction.”

One can only admire a member of the Old Media that stands by a policy of free markets, democracy, fairness and general civility like that.

Be sure and subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. A publication of such principles should be supported.