Barack Obama, Eco Criminal in Chief?

Globaloney religionists have hailed the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency as their answer to the worldwide “crisis” of global climate change so dangerously confronting us. During his pedestrian inaugural address Obama played his role of high priest of the eco movement to perfection saying that we will be the leaders in a global effort to “roll back the specter of a warming planet.” All during the campaign he held himself up as the Gore-like savior of the whole world.

And now Obama has revealed himself to be an eco criminal. At least he should be so charged if the criteria of the unhinged left is used against him like it is used against others. And all it took is one visit to Camp David to reveal Obama’s hypocrisy. But will the media treat Obama like they would a Republican on this matter?

In a move of “for me but not for thee,” Obama and his family and staff boarded Marine One, the presidential helicopter, for a flight to Camp David, the presidential retreat in the hills of Maryland. All that fossil fuel burning must be for an important, long stay for the Obama’s, right?

Not really. Turns out it’s only for one night.

You heard that right. Obama had Marine One fueled and prepared, boarded the machine, and flew all the way to Camp David using all that fuel all just for one night. You can also be sure that a retinue of staffers, security teams and whathaveyous also took a fleet of government cars to the same destination to prepare for the presidential visit, too. Then add the fact that Camp David was warmed up for the visit as well. So it wasn’t just Marine One that was utilized here.

All those “gasses” used and emitted for an overnighter? Seems a bit… well, wasteful, doesn’t it? Does this seem like the sort of extravagant abuse of our precious environment the high priest of globaloney should be engaging in to you?

All these evil greenhouse thingamajigs and global warmandstuffs stirred up for a few hours in the mountains… is THAT the sort of waste in a time of global catastrophe we should expect from a fellow that says we haven’t a minute to spare in the effort to save the planet? And this isn’t even to mention the “tough economic crisis” in which Obama claims we are mired!

I’ll bet the moonbats at the DailyKos and the DemmocrtaticUnderground are livid. I’ll bet ABC, CNN, and MSNBC are casting all sorts of aspersions at this outrage.

….oooor they are ignoring this eco crime because the Obammessiah is the one perpetrating it.

I’ll bet it’s Bush’s fault, anyway.

What do you think? I know it isn’t a big deal for me. Heck the president should be able to visit any place he needs to visit. But, isn’t this the sort of excess that usually gets the left on its high horse? Or is high dudgeon only prepared if it were Bush or a Republican engaged in this sort of behavior?

At least he saluted the Marine, eh?

(Photo credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times)