Reporter Arrested by Sec. Service, Jumped Rope Line Seeking Obama Autograph

A reporter apparently couldn’t resist the siren call of The One yesterday, so, like a star struck 15-year old at a Hannah Montana concert, he jumped the rope line separating the press from the president and ran up to him seeking Obama’s autograph.

Needless to say the Secret Service was not amused, interdicted the man’s Obammessiah signature seeking, and led him off to be investigated. The reporter was later seen gathering up his personal items in the White House press room and led from the premisses.

Gosh, it’s always great to hear of these types of stories of the hard-nosed press corps that is so cynical as to scoff at anyone that might be a tad awed by a mere politician isn’t it? We all know that reporters are way too nonchalant about the lure of The One to be all taken with his presence so, right? His autograph? Pshaw. That is absurd. Why, WHO would want the autograph of a politician? Heck, reporters see politicians everyday, so it’s just old hat, part of the job, uninteresting. Yep, good thing they are above hero worship!

But wait, this is The Obammessiah we are talking about. He’s no normal politician! He’s the man that can decide how much you are allowed to make as a head of industry. A man who can lay hands upon you and make all your tax cheating disappear. The man that can claim the moral high ground against lobbyists, yet hire over a dozen lobbyists anyway. He’s the man that can control even other nations with but the gesture of a finger, he’s so loved across the world.

No wonder the press acts like autograph hounds at a Hollywood premiere every time they see him. It’s a wonder that the press doesn’t mob him every time he appears! One wonders how many room keys and thrown underwear the White House cleaning staff finds on the floor every time the press and Obama leave the room?

The star struck press. I wonder how many of them that have had the good fortune to have shook The One’s hand told their significant others that they’ll never wash that hand again?

Anyway, I’m just glad that the press is so hard-bitten that the simple presence of The One doesn’t turn them into mush and that they are still tough enough to act like reporters. How about you?

(Photo of autograph seekers credit: Bettmann/CORBIS)