NRCC Updates Its Website

The National Republican Congressional Committee has upgraded its website and unveiled it today at nrcc.org. The catch phrase they wish us to take away from the new site is: Regaining America’s Trust Begins in the House.

I hate to say it, but that seems a bit defeatist and gives the impression of the beaten dog. Though, perhaps a little beat down is deserved, eh? Anyway, I just wish it was a bit more of a positive message. Of COURSE we have to admit as a party that we screwed the pooch, but do we have to make that our advertisement theme, too?

It almost seems to scream “We Effed up, but we’ll be better, I SWEAR TO GOD!” It is a bit unsatisfying as a rallying cry, I have to say. After all, “regaining” trust implies we lost it in the first place. Wile true, do we have to prostrate ourselves even in a rallying slogan?

It just reminds me of the skinny kid yelling “don’t hit me!” And we all remember that yelling that invites double the smacks.

The main page has a “Speak to us” feature asking us all to let the NRCC know exactly what issue we are interested that they pursue. They have several choices. We see Card Check; Fairness Doctrine; Massive Tax Hikes; Cutting Defense Spending and $1 Trillion in DC Stimulus Spending. The usual “Donate Now” buttons are also present.

Also, I encourage everyone to sign up for the NRCC’s twitter feed. It is a tad embarrassing that a national party only sports 1,154 twitter followers! Come on everyone, we can do better than that!

There is also a button that takes one to the House YouTube channel that is badly disguised as… well, nothing actually. They need to make the button more obvious as to what it does. It currently says “WATCH NOW” and has a button next to it that says “PLAY.” It also sports a few TV and monitor graphics. OK, it is obvious it is a video button, but to what? It is not clear exactly clear once you clink on the thing as to where you will be taken.

In any case, here it is launched and ready to go. Click on over and tell us what you think?