Pittsburgh Schools: Super Bowl More Important Than Teaching

Adding yet another chapter in that ever growing book The Decline and Fall of American Education now being written by our teacher’s unions and failed administrations nation wide, Pittsburgh Public Schools will be delayed two hours this Monday. It is assumed, it appears, that teachers will be too tired to make it in on time because of partying for the Superbowl the night before. It is also obviously assumed that parents will be irresponsible enough to allow their kids to stay up past bedtime for a mere football game.

Schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt has announced the 2 hour delay noting that it is being implemented as a “safety precaution,” whatever that is supposed to mean? For its part, the teachers union said that these delays in the past, usually initiated because of foul weather, have only applied to students and not teachers. This time, though, it applies to the teachers and staff, too. Why? Well, it’s a union payback for that one day they all came to school even though foul weather made the administration cancel school that day, of course.

According to the union Web site, the PFT workers’ inclusion in Monday’s delay is a “makeup” for the inconvenience some experienced Dec. 22, when the district initially called a two-hour weather delay and then canceled school. By that time, the union said, many employees were already at work.

These people call themselves educators? So what are they teaching with this foolishness?

  1. A game is far more important than school
  2. Teachers only care about what they can get out of their jobs, who cares about the kids?
  3. Obligations are not important when it gets in the way of fun
  4. Comfort is more important than duty

Nice going, Pittsburgh.

It’s bad enough something as ridiculous as a game is being used to alter the schedule of the school day, but the fake reason being given is also a crime. Seriously, what the heck do “safety precautions” have to do with a sports event? How do we get a “safety precaution” out of parents being irresponsible enough to allow their children to stay up well past bedtime and to sleep in late the next day? How do we see the need to act with “precaution” over shirking responsibility because of a silly kid’s game?

Unfortunately, this is yet another example of the downgrading of society. When the Superbowl is more important than school, we really have strayed far from the right path.