What do Obama and Unions Have in Common? Communists!

Michael Richardson of the on-line news group the Examiner wrote recently about some revealing quotes about the modern American Communist Party by a Richard Winger of Ballot Access News.

Speaking about how the Communist Party in the US has for the most part ceased trying to run candidates for office, Winger points out that the CPUSA fully endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008 and has decided it best to focus on Democratic Party politics and union activities.

Communist Party members participate in politics and electoral life mostly by participation in unions, and inside the Democratic Party. The Communist Party’s weekly newspaper supports Democratic presidential nominees…

This says a lot, not about where the CPUSA has gone, but where Democrats and Unions have. If CPUSA members have gravitated toward unions and the Democratic Party, this means that those nominally American groups have drifted far enough to the extreme left for even communists to agree to join their efforts.

This is singularly bad news for America. This should also be kept very close in mind when considering if we should work with Obama and the Democrats or not.