US Professors Attacking Israel and YOUR Tax $$ Fund It

Sadly, we are used to the anti-Semitism of Europe. After all, that is where anti-Semitism has historically thrived in a most virulent form and does still today. We are also used to the Jew hatred of the illiterati of Europe’s universities having seen so often the petitions they’ve raised to denounce Israel and give succor to Hamas and Fatah — and any other terrorist group that comes down the pike, for that matter. Of course, this infection of hate, racism and self-destructive terror worship is increasingly appearing at our own universities in the U.S. Nothing is more representative of that than the example of the “U.S. Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel” recently emanating out of several California Universities.

Sponsored by several radical Muslimists that claim at being professors in a handful of California universities, this petition is one of the first of it’s kind here in the U.S. A disgusting milestone on the road to the Islamization of our tax payer funded institutions of higher learning. It is also an effort that pushes an extreme anti-intellectualism in our schools.

Now, we can all agree that freedom of expression is a bedrock of our national culture. If these Islamofascist supporting “professors” want to blather about their support for bombers and murderers, well, that is their choice. But there is no reason these anti-intellectual cretins should expect the public to pay them with the state tax dollars that fund their salaries.

Anti-Intellectualism Infects our Schools

Just what is the goal of this effort? Organizers of this fetid petition hope to cut off all scholarly contact between U.S. universities and those in Israel. Thus this anti-intellectual effort seeks to eliminate the Jewish perspective and to artificially promulgate, without intellectual debate, the Islamist point of view.

These “professors” want to kill free and open expression, they want to silence debate, and quash any version of the existing relations of the Mid East of which they disapprove. This flies in the face of every American principle of vigorous debate and free expression as well as a simple expectation of scholarly rigor. After all, if there is never a cross word spoken to their favored ideas, then there is no rigorous exposition of the issues and no challenge to received opinion.

So, not only are taxpayers paying for this racist hatred but taxpayers are also funding an effort to eliminate scholarly debate instead of encouraging it.

Here are the anti-Semites being paid by our tax dollars to attack Jews:
Mohammed Abed, California State University, Los Angeles
Rabab Abdulhadi, San Francisco State University
Lara Deeb, University of California, Irvine
Manzar Foorohar, California Polytechnic State University
Jess Ghannam, University of California, San Francisco
Sherna Berger Gluck, California State University, Long Beach
Sondra Hale, University of California, Los Angeles
David Klein, California State University, Northridge
Dennis Kortheuer, California State University, Long Beach
David Lloyd, University of Southern California
Sunaina Maira, University of California, Davis
Marcy Newman, An Najah National University
Edie, Pistolesi, California State University, Northridge
Magid Shihade, University of California, Davis

If you are an alumni of any of the above universities, I’d suggest contacting your alma mater and let them know how you feel about this evil being perpetrated in the name of your school. If you are a taxpayer in California, call your state reps and let them know what you think of this exercise in anti-intellectualism being foisted upon the schools you are funding with your taxes.

Lastly, these acolytes of hate plan to expand this petition and bring it to more taxpayer funded schools across America. If you are not unfortunate enough to be a citizen of California, you should nonetheless keep your eyes open for this jeremiad to be visited upon your own colleges and universities.

Keep the US from becoming a carbon copy of European anti-Semitism and anti-intellectualism.