Wounded Vets Upset at Bush Insult During Vets Inaugural Ball Concert?

**Bumped for UPDATE with message from the band**

While performing at the inaugural ball honoring America’s military veterans, some wounded vets are reported to have walked out on funk Musician George Clinton over a perceived on stage insult to George W. Bush.

The Washington Times is reporting that during the Heroes Red, White and Blue Inaugural Ball a white towel with the word “[Expletive] GEORGE” spelled out on it was displayed by band members of George Clinton and the P. Funk All-Stars.

Some veterans felt the display was an insult to George W. Bush, and one band member quickly pulled the sign down when it was noticed that wounded vets were leaving in disgust. Band members denied that the sign was any reference to the President and said that it was supposed to be a sign to their own band leader, George Clinton.

The Times reports that Ball organizers denounced the sign as inappropriate.

“Obviously we and the Heroes Ball coordinators were unaware that the sign existed and did not support their actions, especially considering our non-partisan mission and treasured military audience,” said ball spokeswoman Carrie Foster.

It is certainly not clear that the band meant to attack President Bush, but apparently some audience members took it that way nonetheless.

Was this a surreptitious Bush slam from the long-time political minded band or a jab at their band leader?. (Seen here in his mugshot from his 2003 arrest for possession of cocaine)

**UPDATED with message from the band**

One of the musicians that appeared with Funkster George Clinton has emailed me with her explanation about what was going on during that stage show.

I play for George Clinton, the sign was not for Bush. It is a regular part of our show and represents a story line from a comic book that came inside a Parliament record published in the 70’s. BIG misunderstanding. We volunteered for the Heroes Ball. We didn’t not go there to insult anyone, we went there to support the troops.

Hope you can see that now.

Peace- Shaunna Hall

Thanks to Shaunna for contacting me to get the band’s point of view out there to clear the record from their perspective.

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