Obama is the Heroin of the Masses

There used to be a saying in the vaunted counter-culture days of the 1960’s that went: “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” This bit of instant doggerel was used to justify all sorts of aberrant, self destructive behavior by the hippie generation like drug use, sexual promiscuity and a rampant anti-intellectualism. Thankfully, that foolish era has passed us… more or less. Unfortunately a new era has dawned turning the USA into an Obamanation that may end up reviving the worst of the 60’s era. The new phrase might be considered to have now become “Turn O, give in, bail out.”

Well, at the very least drug dealers in New York have signed on wholly to the new Obamanation and they have found the most suitable product to represent the new age. The Sullivan County Sheriff’s office have busted a drug ring selling “Obama heroin.”

The alleged dealers were pushing a variety of heroin that they called “Obama.” Chaboty said dealers are known to stamp the glassine wax paper that carries the heroin with brand names — like “Black Death” or “Blue Sunshine” — so that users can identify their preferred brands. This drug ring’s stamp happened to carry the new president’s surname.

The operatives of this drug ring must be millionaires by now. After all, the entire Old Media establishment has been injecting itself with “Obama heroin” since 2004 and many millions of others have been dosed with this pernicious drug at least since the middle of last year.

Let us hope that the withdraw symptoms from Obama addiction won’t hurt our country too badly. But if past experiences with the shakes that other messianic figures caused their society, I don’t hold out much hope for the ease of coming down from Obamaism.