Will Left Accept That They Were Wrong About Bush?

We all heard it repeatedly over at least the last 5 years. The moonbat conspiracy theory that Bush would “suspend the Constitution” and declare himself permanent president appeared all over the place; Internet, TV, radio, and newspapers and magazines alike. The slobbering left from Washington to California, Texas to Illinois and in every corner of the Earth was sure the evil Bushhitler would never give up power.

Why, he was at the same time the dumbest man to ever trod the earf and the most evil, machiavellian schemer that concocted the most intricate web of conspiratorial power grabs in the history of mankind. Only the Bushhitler could be both dumb and smart like that the leftists assured us.

Yet, here we are only days from the Inauguration of Barack Obama, a man that couldn’t be farther from the sort of image of a president strong on national defense and interested in rooting out and destroying Islamic terror that were the hallmark traits of George W. Bush. We stand here watching Bush kindly say his goodbyes and we see George W. Bush stepping down like every American president before him (well, except the ones that died in office, of course). Even Darth Cheney is packing up for his last ride into the sunset.

Yes, even as late as June the Moonbats and idiotti of the left were claiming that Bush would suspend the Constitution and steal Barack’s office. Gullible dimwits commenting on the entry in The New York Times’ Caucus Blog were just this week claiming that Bush was about to “declare marshall law” in a desperate attempt to stay in the White House. Only nine months ago, nimrods on Yahoo Answers had their panties in a twist that Bush would “stay in office by declaring martial law on 1/20/09.” Freaks and geeks on message boards were a’twitter over the fear of a Bushhitler coup. Only a year ago, the nutballs at Wired magazine were wearing sack cloth and gnashing teeth over the faux possibility. And don’t get me started on the extremists of Newsvine, the commies at CommonDreams.org, and…. well, you get the picture.

So, will each of these half sentient, dillweeds fess up that they were wrong? Will they turn to their fellow dillweed, whack-jonse friends and say: “Ya know, I have to hand it to Bush. He was an alright guy for following the Constitution and going home to Texas like he’s supposed ta.”

Can we expect the braindead HuffyPosters, the drug addled DailyKossacks, or the human wreckage that are the denizens of DemmocraticUnderground.com to apologize for their wild-eyed, foolishness?

Will they? Huh, huh?

Jess wonderin,’ ya know?