New Labor Sec Claims SHE Can 'Create' Jobs?

The Hill is reporting that Obama’s newly minted Labor Secretary was “pressed” on the job losses recently reported by the federal government. Oddly enough, Rep. Hilda Solis (D, CA) imagines she is somehow imbued with the ability to create jobs.

Lawmakers quizzed Solis as to how she could best reverse the jobs decline for a number of sectors in the economy, from healthcare workers to those afflicted with disabilities. One solution the California congresswoman recommended was focusing on creating new “green-collar” jobs. That could include retrofitting government buildings to meet energy-efficiency standards and installing solar panels, among other tasks that would develop America’s alternative energy production.

So, when, exactly, did it become the job of the Sec. of Labor to “create” jobs? What magical powder was she given to sprinkle upon the earth for these jobs to rise forth like a spring daffodil?

Government is not the proper place to be “creating” jobs, but the incoming Obama administration is going to use this economic downturn as an excuse to take over as much of America’s business as possible in a fashion little different than the outright theft of private sector businesses in Russia or Venezuela.

Solis also refused to comment directly on the undemocratic “card check” bill absurdly called the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) that Big Labor has been pushing and Obama has promised to champion.

But the question did arise about the fact that Solis sits on the board of the extremist labor group American Rights at Work from which Solis claimed she’d step down if confirmed as Labor Sec.

But, here is the rub: Solis is an extremist representative of Big Labor movements yet she will be placed in a position to negotiate with, work with and oversee the corruption of, the very labor groups to whom she owes her allegiance. This is a recipe for favoritism to extremism that is detrimental to the interests of good government.

It really should be illegal for someone that is a member of high position in the Big Labor movement to be allowed such a high position in government. Unionism is antithetical to good government in all things.