Obama's Inauguration Sold to Highest Bidder, TV Not This Excited Since Clinton in '93

Reuters has a January 7 Hollywood Reporter story informing the world that “HBO lands rights to inaugural ceremony,” but this raises the question; why are parts of the inauguration being auctioned to the highest bidder for exclusive coverage? Shouldn’t all of the inauguration be something for every American and not relegated just for the TV station that has the most cash? Why is this vaunted man of the people allowing exclusive coverage of his big day to go to a station not available to all Americans equally?

It makes one wonder if the Democrat’s claims of being interested in equality and fairness is all but hot air when the money is hitting the table?

HBO is claiming that they will offer the program for free, not pay-per-view, and that it will be broadcast to folks without the HBO channel on their cable service. But it will still be just on cable. Naturally, for those without cable at all, well, these people are out of luck. So much for Obama’s big day being for ALL the people. I guess it’s only for those with cable.

The story informs us that in 1993, HBO paid out $1.5 million for the rights to the exclusive coverage of Bill Clinton’s kickoff from the Lincoln Memorial. HBO did not disclose how much they are paying for the Obama inaugural, but the money will go to the Obama Inaugural Committee. Apparently, even though Barack Obama raised millions upon millions for his campaign and had millions left over, he has found he needs more for his big party day and HBO comes to the rescue.

His avarice for campaign contributions makes one fear for one’s wallet re taxes, doesn’t it?

The Hollywood Reporter story goes on to detail all the TV coverage that Obama will receive for his inauguration and it is definitely extensive. It seems every channel is planning all sorts of coverage of the parts of the inauguration that HBO is not freezing them out of.

I know you will all be shocked, but the TV folks haven’t scheduled this much TV coverage for an inauguration since Clinton was Inaugurated in 1993. I know, shocking, isn’t it? Imagine that? TV hasn’t been this excited about a presidential inauguration since Bill Clinton!

In case you wondered, I am rolling my eyes as I type.