Tough Guy John 'François' Kerry Wants 'Hot Pursuit' of Pirates

It’s like handing a sheriff’s badge to Don Knotts. Like entering Gary Coleman in a Mr. Universe contest. Like expecting Michael Moore not to lie. In today’s laugher, the Associated Press is presenting John ‘François’ Kerry as a tough guy out to bring the law to the new Barbary pirates.

Seriously. Stop laughing.

The AP sternly informs us that, “As a young Navy swift boat commander in Vietnam, Senator John F. Kerry was no stranger to the perils of hot pursuit in combat.”

I am SURE them thar pi-rates is a shakin’ in their boots. The tough guy is after ’em!

But, just like John ‘François’ Kerry always does, there is “nuance” in his seeming braggadocio. (my bold)

Nearly 40 years later, as incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry favors using hot pursuit against pirates in the waters off Somalia, but urges a cautious approach before US officials consider sending American forces to chase them ashore. Kerry plans committee hearings next year looking at the problems posed by piracy.

He urges both a hot pursuit, yet caution, too?

“You gotta know what you’re getting into and where you’re going and under what circumstances,” Kerry said in a recent telephone interview with the Associated Press. “I mean, if you send five police officers raging into the center of Mogadishu, you are asking for trouble. You gotta be smart.”

“You gotta be smart.” If only John ‘François’ Kerry knew how to achieve THAT goal! Yes, John, ya gotta be smart er you’ll end up in Iraq, just like you warned those students about.

Does anyone take this man seriously? Anyone? Hello… Bueller?

(Image credit: SacredCowBurgers.com)

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